English-Rich Environment

English-Rich Environment

English Learning at LYCMC 2023-2024


Worldwide Collaboration

We create an authentic English learning environment in LYCMC which involves implementing strategies and practices that encourage students to actively engage with the language both inside and outside the classroom.


We design a creative and interactive curriculum where students are constantly exposed to the innovative use of the English language. We use drama and fun days to supplement our learning.


We decorate our school with English language resources, such as posters, charts, and vocabulary word walls. Display student work and encourage them to present their projects and assignments in English. We also arrange morning sharing every week.


We also use authentic materials like newspapers, magazines, websites, and videos to expose students to real-world English usage. We try to incorporate these materials into lessons to make the learning experience more relevant and engaging.


We arrange a lot of fun days and English Sport Activities where students can practice their language skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.


We have a powerful group of native English speakers or English-speaking communities in LYC. This could involve organizing language exchange programs or inviting guest speakers to share their experiences or expertise in English.


We organize annual overseas immersion programs to enable our students to experience English in real-life contexts. For instance, we organize field trips to English-speaking countries or arrange short-term study-abroad programs.


At the same time, we utilize STEM tools such as language learning apps, online discussion forums, or language learning websites to supplement classroom instruction. Encourage students to use these resources for independent practice and exploration.